Welcome to cyberdefence101! We are on a mission to make cyber safety digestible for everyday internet users. As our lives become more interconnected online, convenience also brings the growing threat of cybercrime. Cyber attacks are becoming more common, from online scams to massive data breaches, threatening individuals’ and businesses’ finances, privacy, and digital autonomy.

Our Mission

Our central goal at cyberdefence101 is making cyber safety accessible beyond just technology experts. We translate complex cyber security and defence subjects into useful knowledge for average users and businesses trying to protect themselves online. Promoting digital literacy, not technical expertise, allows people to make smarter decisions preserving their security and privacy.

Our Values

  • Accessibility: We present information in an easy-to-understand, accessible way for non-technical audiences.
  • Empowerment: We want to empower our readers by arming them with actionable information to secure their online presence.
  • Clarity: We cut through technical complexity to deliver clear cyber security advice readers can apply right away.
  • Comprehensiveness: We cover a broad range of relevant cyber safety topics that impact everyday internet users and businesses.

Our Commitment

We are committed to being an approachable, trustworthy resource for everyday internet users seeking to protect themselves online. We continually update our content to cover emerging cyber threats while sticking to practical guidance accessible to non-experts.

How We Help?

We serve individuals, families, and small business owners who want to shield their finances, data privacy, and digital presence from online threats. Our guides and resources aim to empower these groups to self-secure their home networks, devices, social media use, online payments, sensitive data storage, and other common attack vectors.


While we focus on actionable steps our readers can take, we also advocate for systemic change in cyber security practice and policy. Our expert contributors often highlight ways regulators and industry leaders need to improve to tackle mass cybercrime and promote digital safety among consumers. We call for the accountable handling of user data and transparent disclosure of breaches or threats by tech and economic institutions that the public depends upon.